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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from 1998


My Characters

The original pic of Kat Here's the first pic that I ever drew of Katarina.
Rocky Horror Llama Show Rocky Horror Llama Show.  Some of the cast of RHPS...as llamas.  Really long story.
Viennese Ball Pic based on me in the dress I wore to the Viennese Ball that year. 
Viennese Ball close-up A redrawing of the face from the above picture.
You can pet that smelly old llama if you want to... Based on a photo of me feeding a llama, I think...
Disco Kat Saturday Night Vulpine.
Fishie, fishie, fishie! Fishie.  Another oldie of Kat with her goldfish.
Hippie chick Groovy. 
Kai Kai.  A friend of mine from college, unsuspectingly turned into a rabbit.
Demure Demure.  I've done a couple of variations of this pic over the years, but here was the first version.
Kat as a debutante? Debutante Kat? 
Stoopid pirate... Arr... 
Super Vixen - song spoof gone horribly wrong! Super Vixen.  
Swing Kids rip-off First computer coloring job ever
Kat looking dangerous Crouching Wench, v. 1.0.  Version 2.0
Kat in a dress worn by Madonna Kat in a gown originally worn by Madonna.
It's Greek to me! Kat as an ancient Greek.

Katarina  © Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission.

Katie Sullivan's Characters

Lorita Karnage Lorita Karnage. 
Scarlet Karnage Scarlet Karnage. 
Snowfur Snowfur. 
Pi-rat Snowfur the pi-rat. 
Snow-White-fur Snow-White-fur. 
Victoria A portrait of Victoria.

Lorita, Scarlet, Snowfur and Victoria  © Katie Sullivan and may not be used without her permission.


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