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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from 1999


My Characters



Chase Chase.  Katarina runs from ominous shadows.  Ink wash.
Daydream Daydream.   Watercolor.
Embrace Embrace.  Kat embracing an old, disused character of mine.
Kat in a beautiful gown Katarina in a beautiful gown.
Katarina monotype Katarina looking over her shoulder.  Watercolor monotype.
Katarina as Queen Amidala Katarina as Queen Amidala.  Queen Amidala © Lucasfilm
Katarina super-pukey-kyootified! Katarina super-pukey-kyootified! 
Melancholy Melancholy.  Katarina sitting on a dock, looking sad.  Pastel.
Sisters Sisters.  Kat and her sister, Scarlet.  Scarlet © Katie Sullivan
Sorrow Sorrow.  An ink drawing of Katarina looking very sad.
Winter Winter.  Or maybe it should be called "I hate winter."


Jody Jody.
Jody on the town Jody, out for a night of vice and fun.


Alanna Alanna.  Intaglio print.
Bear Naked "Bear" Naked.  A project for illustration class.  Scratchboard.
Hound Dog Elvis as a Hound Dog.  Lithograph.
Min Min.  An illustration project.  My teacher said that this is like Beatrix Potter gone bad.  Watercolor
Uta! Uta: Queen of the Bunny People.

Alanna, Jody, Katarina, Uta and the above unnamed characters are all © Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission.


Katie Sullivan's Characters

Victoria A cartoony portrait of Victoria.
Scarlet lithograph A lithograph of Scarlet.
A tender moment A tender moment between Scarlet and her beloved Don Karnage.  Don Karnage Disney
Profile of Scarlet Another profile of Scarlet.
Carlotta Carlotta.  Watercolor.
Carlotta Carlotta.  (Truer to how she's supposed to look.)
Isabella looking angry Isabella looking angry.
Isabella looking wenchy Isabella looking wenchy.
Lorita looking threatening Lorita looking threatening..
Scarlet in a Christian Dior dress Scarlet in an original Christian Dior dress.
Scarlet in profile Scarlet in profile.  Pastel.
Wenchy Scarlet Scarlet the wench.
Wistful Scarlet Wistful Scarlet.  Bad photo of a large acrylic painting.  A scene from Absence Makes the Heart Go Plunder.

Carlotta, Gonzalo, Isabella, Lorenzo, Lorita, Scarlet and Victoria all Katie Sullivan.

Assorted Other People's Characters
Bryn and Selena Bryn and Selena.  Two gals from High Flight.  Bryn and Selena © themselves
Joanna Joanna.  For Michelle over at High Flight.  Joanna © Michelle Beaubien
Kyn Kynliod Dewphire.  Kyn © Josie Bowler

La Roca.   From the fanfic "Their Fearful Symmetry."  La Roca © Liz Spencer

Lillian Lillian.  A wench from the story "The Pirate's of New Orleans."  Lillian © Kylen Miles
Pippi Pippi.  Pippi © Charla Trotman
Roxy Roxy.  Someone from TSHF.  Roxy © herself
Starset Starset.  Starset © Emilie Bosworth-Clemens
Sylvia Sylvia.  Part of an art exchange.  Sylvia © Lissette
Ted Ted. My buddy from High Flight in furry form.
Tiera Tiera, from Kylen's "Demolition Dogs."  Tiera © Kylen Miles


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