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Anthropomorphic art from 2000


My Characters



Dangerous Katarina looking particularly dangerous.
Katarina in a Chinese silk dress Katarina in a Chinese silk dress
Katarina in another gown Katarina in another gown.
Kat in profile Katarina in profile, as seen from over her shoulder.  Pencil.
Night Sky Night Sky.  A quick watercolor.


Jody in a bar Jody in her natural habitat.
Rude Jody Jody gives the one finger salute.
Jody strikes a sexy pose Sexy Jody.  Based on some chick from Coyote Ugly.
Serene Jody Serene Jody.  Jody in a pretty gown, looking uncharacteristically serene.  Watercolor.


I will call her...Mini Kat! I will call her...Mini Kat!
Petulant Wenna Petulant Wenna. 


Dance Dance.  Katarina dancing with her beau, Will.
Fox trot Fox trot.  Watercolor.  Katarina and Will dancing again.
Katanic Katanic.  Pencil.
Kiss Kiss.  Katarina and Will.
Snowboard Snowboard.
Under the influence Under the Influence.
Will Evil Will as Scott Evil from Austin Powers.


Dancing fennec Dancing Fennec.  Watercolor.  A fennec dances in an apparently empty room.
Doctor Who and Romana, anthropomorphised Doctor Who and Romana, anthropomorphized.  A commission for Mike Russell.
Sir Robin and the Three-Headed Knight Sir Robin and the Three Headed Giant.  Monty Python...as furries?  A commission for Zeryis.
Smoking Doe  A requested pic of a chain-smoking doe.

Alanna, Jody, Katarina, Wenna, Will and the above unnamed characters are all © Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission.


Assorted Other People's Characters

A cup of Joe A cup of Joe.  Joe © Joseph Greenlee
Alethia Alethia.  Alethia © Kylen Miles
Avidya Avidya.  Avidya © Michelle Latta
Calista Calista.  My half of an art exchange.  Calista © Michelle Latta
Cassie Cassie the rock vixen.  A commission for Earl Bacon, in pastel.  Cassie © Earl Bacon
Chavaleh Chavaleh.  One of my favorite of Kylen's Road Rovers characters.  Chavaleh © Kylen Miles
Fiona Fiona. Parody character Fiona © Ashryn
Flare Flare, the forest dog.  Flare © Kylen Miles
Lorita posing with a sword Lorita posing with a sword.  Lorita Katie Sullivan
Lyllie Lyllie.  My half of an art exchange with Lys.  Lyllie © Elysabeth B.
Sandy Sandy.  My half of an art exchange.  Sandy © Sandra Gaeremynck
Scarlet and DK on the beach Scarlet and Don Karnage on the beach.  An illustration for A Few Kumquats Short.  Don Karnage © Disney, Scarlet © Katie Sullivan
Kyoot Scarlet Scarlet superpukeykyootified!  Scarlet © Katie Sullivan
Tara Tara.  My half of an art exchange with Starflash.  Tara  Starflash
Wilson Thanks, Wilson!  Wilson © Wilson
The Brahma Bear The Brahma Bear.  Ted meditating.  Ted Bear Ted Heinz
The *other* K&K The other K&K.  Don Karnage © Disney, Scarlet © Katie Sullivan
Kyoot Ted Ted superpukeykyootified! Ted Bear Ted Heinz
Tyler Tyler.  Tyler Borden Ted Heinz
Vanessa Vanessa.  Part of an art exchange.  Vanessa © Silas Zee
Hug Victoria and Scarlet.  Mother and daughter.  Scarlet and Victoria © Katie Sullivan
Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret.  Needless to say, Victoria's much older here.  Victoria © Katie Sullivan


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