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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from 2001


My Characters



Beer Wench Beer Wench.
Crouching wench Crouching wench.  Redo of an older pic. 
Distraught Distraught.
Katarina with a gun Katarina with a gun. 
Pensive Pensive.  Pencil. 


Violet Jody  Violet Jody.  Jody dyed her hair purple.  2001.

Katarina and Jody are  © Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission.


Assorted Other People's Characters

Alethia at sunset Alethia at sunset.  Alethia © Kylen Miles. 
Bonnie Bonnie.  First ever oekaki doodle.  Bonnie © Kate Harper. 
Brittany Brittany.  My half of an art exchange.   Brittany © Becky Fedun. 

Disgust.  A scene from Love is a Many Plundered Thing.  Lorita and Lorenzo © Katie Sullivan.

Felidae Felidae.  Oekaki.  Felidae © Clio Chiang. 
Fernblossom Fernblossom, dancing.  Oekaki.  Fernblossom © Kelly Hamilton. 
For Kylen For Kylen.  Oekaki.  Kylenfur © Kylen Miles.
Kellyfur Kellyfur.  My half of an art exchange.  Kellyfur © Kelly Hamilton. 
Moonlight Embrace Moonlight Embrace.  A scene from Love is a Many Plundered Thing. Lorita and Gonzalo Katie Sullivan.  
Princess Laura Princess Laura.  Art exchange.  Laura © Tracy Bailey. 
Sabr Sabr.  Sabr © Michelle Latta. 
Bridesmaid Scarlet Scarlet as a bridesmaid.  In the outfit that Katie wore in my wedding, actually.  Scarlet © Katie Sullivan. 
Scarlet Oekaki Scarlet Oekaki.  Scarlet © Katie Sullivan.
Starset Starset.  Starset  © Emilie Bosworth-Clemens. 
Starset? Starset Oekaki.  Starset © EBC.
Superpukeykyoot Lillian! Superpukeykyoot Lillian.  Lillian © Kylen Miles. 


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