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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from 2002


My Characters



St. Pauli Wench St. Pauli Wench.  Parody of the St. Pauli Girl beer logo.
Texas Kat Texas Kat.  After moving to Texas, I thought a pic of Kat as a cowgirl would be appropriate.


Lounging Jody Lounging Jody.  Jody lounging in some trashy 70's surroundings.

Katarina and Jody are  © Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission.


Assorted Other People's Characters

Belle Belle.  Oekaki.  Belle Tracy Bailey.
Bonnie Bonnie Ellis.  My half of an art trade. Bonnie © Annette Ramos.
Cloudwatching Cloudwatching.  A commission of a cat and a desert iguana watching the clouds go by in early 18th century clothing.
Diadexxus Diadexxus.  A commission of a white winged tigress.   Diadexxus © Jennifer Walker.
Digon Digon.  My half of an art trade.  Digon © Stina Lövkvist.
Frisket Frisket.  My half of an art trade.  Frisket Melissa O'Brien.
Hailey Hailey.  Commission of Hailey the snow leopardess for Lady Britt.  Hailey her player.
HollyAnn HollyAnn.  Oekaki.  HollyAnn © Lisa Cotton
Kahateni Coyote Kahateni Coyote. Secret Santa pic.  Kahateni © herself.
Lady Britt Lady Britt.  A commission of Lady Brittaneous in her leather party outfit.  Lady Brittaneous her player.
Joanna Oekaki Oekaki Joanna.  Joanna Midway © Michelle Beaubien.
Pirate Lady Britt Pirate Lady Britt.  A commission of Lady Brittaneous in her pirate outfit.  Lady Brittaneous her player.
Reno Reno Maxwell.  Art exchange.  Reno Maxwell © herself. 
Thongwolf Thongwolf.  Thornwolf in a thong.  Thornwolf © Nicole Dornsife. 


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