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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from 2003

My Characters



Elegant Elegant.  My first foray into watercolor in several years.
Kat ala Tria Kat ala Tria. Marker test.
Kat Au Naturale Kat Au Naturale.  OMG!1  Teh Kat pr0n! 
Sunset Sunset.  Kat in a gown at sunset. 
Totally cliche Were Kat "Were" Kat.  Kat as a stereotypical "were", drawn for an art challenge on clichés.


Uta! Uta.  Oekaki of Uta, Queen of the Bunny People

Katarina and Uta © Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission.


Assorted Other People's Characters

Aunt Ruska Aunt Ruska.  Art trade.  Aunt Ruska © Anuana
Ellodie Ellodie.  My contribution for the Yerf trading post.  Ellodie © her creator
HollyAnn HollyAnn.  A commission of HollyAnn in a gown holding a blue rose.  HollyAnn © Lisa Cotton
Onyx Onyx Nightfur.  Art trade.  Alternate version with no lines.  Onyx © Shelley Inks
Superpukeykyoot Frisket Superpukeykyoot Frisket.  Frisket © Melissa O'Brien
Tegwen Tegwen.  Art trade.  Tegwen © Julie Leonard
Throne Waffle Throne Waffle.  Oekaki.  Thornwolf © Nicole Dornsife
Treiss Treiss.  Treiss © Tracy Bailey
Wolf Paladin Wolf Paladin.  A commission for Conri Moonshadow of a wolf paladin in the mountains at night.
Xian Jaguar Xian Jaguar.  Xian communing with God (and a dove).  Xian © herself
Zoe Zoe.  A commission of Zoe, the vampire skunk gal.   Zoe © Christine Harcinske 


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