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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from 2004

My Characters



A Sorta Fairytale A Sorta Fairytale.  Just a pretty pic with no real backstory. 
Angry Kat Angry Kat.  OMG!!1  Teh Angst!!111 
Kat badge Kat badge.  My first con badge. 
Laced Laced.  Kat in a corset for the corset portfolio that was sold at Anthrocon '05.


Have a seat Have a seat.  Jody takes center stage.

Katarina and Jody © Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission.


Assorted Other People's Characters

Angelic Xian Angelic Xian.  Colored version of one of my Christmas sketches.  Xian Jaguar © herself. 
Bellboy's Recital Bellboy's Recital.  Bellboy the Welsh pony and his cornet.   Bellboy Mark Jones. 
Cojiro badge Cojiro.  A conbadge of Cojiro the blue fox cat.  Cojiro © herself.  
Jade Gryphon Jade Gryphon.  Commission of her tigress/gargoyle character.  Jade Gryphon © her creator. 
Midnight Embrace Midnight Embrace.  Commission of Thornwolf and her boyfriend cuddling.  Characters © their creators. 
It's a marvelous night for a moon dance... Moon Dance.  Commission of a dancing ermine for Pixel.
Pixel Pixel.  Art trade.  Pixel © B. Goodrich.
Sera Keen Sera Keen.  Art trade.  Sera Keen herself. 
Snowfur Snowfur.  Snowfur Katie Sullivan.
Tabitha Tabitha.  Secret Santa pic.  Tabitha © Dani-Kitty.
Zakiya Zakiya.  Art trade.  Zakiya Tania Walker. 


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