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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from 2005


My Characters



Angel Kat Angel Kat.  A pic for my Christmas cards. 
CanCan't CanCan't.  Kat can't cancan.  Well, she *could*, but would you really want her to? 
Hi! Hi!  A colored sketch of Kat saying, er, "Hi!". 
Kat Conbadge, #2 Kat Badge 2.  A conbadge. 
Solitude Solitude.  Watercolor painting.  Also, a detail of said painting. 


Corset Coquette Corset Coquette.  Jody, for the corset portfolio that was for sale at Anthrocon '05.


Uta, the Snow Bunny Snow Bunny.  The colored version of my "Uta, the Snow Bunny" sketch.


AnimeRaverWerePr0n AnimeRaverWerePr0n.  A parody of popular fandom clichés.

Katarina, Jody, Uta and the above unnamed characters are © Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission.


Assorted Other People's Characters

Angel Jaguar Angel Jaguar.  Xian Jaguar herself.
Downpour Amour Downpour Amour.  A commission of Big Al and Joanna, dancing in the rain.  Characters Michelle Beaubien.
Evil Evil.  A commissioned conbadge for Evil.  Evil her creator. 
Evil, Part Deux Evil, Part Deux.  A second conbadge, this time with her beret.  Evil © her creator.
Glom! Glom!  A colored sketch of Kat hugging Thornwolf.  Thornwolf © Nicole Dornsife.
Gnistra Gnistra.  A colored sketch for Gnistra.  Gnistra herself.
Graywolf Graywolf.  Graywolf in a vaguely Art Nouveau style.  Graywolf Ingrid Houwers.  (updated in 2008).
HollyAngel HollyAngel.  Colored Christmas card drawing.  HollyAnn © Lisa Cotton.
Saberwolve Saberwolve.  Conbadge.  Saberwolve © Paul Nijander.


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