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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from  2010


My Characters



Bar Wench Bar Wench.  Another pic of Kat as a wench with beer. 
Bavarian Bavarian.  Sketch from MFM 10.  2010. 
Kat Badge #5 Kat Badge #5.  Another badge. 
Kat Nouveau Kat Nouveau.  Kat in an art nouveau style.  Also, the line art version


Magic Rabbit Magic Rabbit.  A pinup of Uta as a magician's rabbit. 

Katarina, and Uta are Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission


Assorted Other People's Characters

Beryl Beryl.  Conbadge from Morphicon.  Beryl   herself. 
By Starlight By Starlight.  Commission for Buck of him and his mate.  Characters their creators.
Jak badge Jak.  A badge from Morphicon.  Jak himself. 
Kitten Kitten.  A badge from MFM.  Kitten himself. 
Maggock Maggock.  Badge trade.  Maggock herself.
My Faire Lady My Faire Lady.  Mystee and her boyfriend at the Faire.  Mystee & Bastian themselves. 
Niko Badge Niko Badge.  A gift badge for Thornwolf.  Niko  Nicole Dornsife. 
Robbyfox Badge 2 Robbyfox Badge 2.  Conbadge for Robbyfox from AC '10.  Robbyfox his creator. 
Seeker Wolf Seeker Wolf.  Conbadge.  Seeker Wolf himself. 
Tatsel Tatsel.  Commissioned badge.  Tatsel himself. 
Temptress Temptress.  Mystee with a margarita.  Also an alternate version.  Mystee herself.
Tim the Dragon Tim the Dragon.  A badge from Morphicon.  Tim himself. 
Trinsic Trinsic.  A badge from Anthrocon.  Trinsic himself.


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