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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from 2011


My Characters



Kat Badge 2011 Kat Badge 2011.

Katarina Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission

Assorted Other People's Characters
Long panther is long! Anima. Sketchbook commission from Morphicon.  Anima himself
Animal Badge Animal Badge.  Conbadge from Morphicon.  Animal himself
Ariesa Badge Ariesa.  Conbadge from MFF.  Ariesa Kit
Artemisa Badge Artemisa Badge.  Conbadge for Mystee for her fursuit.
Darkclaw Badge Darkclaw Badge.  Conbadge for Darkclaw from AC.  Darkclaw himself
Firemankat Firemankat.  Conbadge from MFF.  Firemankat himself
Floppybelly Floppybelly Badge.  My first Pokemorph.  Trade from MFM.  Floppybelly herself
Gift Wrapped Gift Wrapped.  Colored version of a gift drawing.  Also, an alternate version.  Mystee herself 
Gravey Badge Gravey Badge.  Gravey  Gravewalker
Her Prayer Her Prayer.  A reworked digital painting of a Christmas card sketch.  Xian Jaguar herself
Kit Badge Kit Badge.  Kit herself
Mystee Badge 2 Mystee Badge 2.  A new conbadge for Mystee from MFM '11.  Mystee herself
Nace Badge Nace Badge.  Badge for Nace from AC '11.  Nace himself
Neala Badge Neala Badge.  Neala her creator
Quiet Interlude Quiet Interlude.  A commission for Robbyfox of him and his mate, Cocoa.  Robbyfox and Cocoa themselves
Rebecca Lynx Rebecca Lynx.  Fashion sketch from MFF.  Rebecca Cmdr. Kitsune
Redarian Badge Redarian Badge.  Redarian himself
Sasha Badge Sasha Badge.  Sasha himself
Steampunk Anubis Steampunk Anubis.  Commission for my friend, Joe.
Stirling Stirling Badge.  A badge of Stirling the corgi from MFM.  Stirling himself
Talbot Talbot.  Sketch trade from Anthrocon, antiqued in Photoshop.  Talbot Redcoatcat
Tigerwolf Badge Tigerwolf badge.  Tigerwolf himself
Tyrrlin Badge Tyrrlin Badge.  Tyrrlin herself


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