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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from 2012


My Characters



Kat Model Sheet Katarina Model Sheet.  High-res version 


Reverie Reverie.  She sits in pleasant contemplation.

Katarina and the above characters are Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission

Assorted Other People's Characters
Beerhorse Beerhorse.  Conbadge for Dalia from AC.  Beerhorse/Dalia Lonnie DiNello 
Bladewolf Bladewolf.  Conbadge from AC. 
Blue Kitsune Blue Kitsune Badge.  Blue Kitsune himself 
Cervantes Cervantes Badge.  Cervantes Anima
Dan Raccoon Dan Raccoon.  Badge from FurFright.  Dan Raccoon himself 
Devy Devy Badge.  Devy herself
Greypaw Greypaw Badge.  Greypaw herself 
KarCaligari KarCaligari.  Badge from FurFright.  KarCaligari himself
Kitten Coyote Kitten Coyote.  Badge of an as of yet unnamed character.  Character Kitten
Moon Shine Fox Moon Shine Fox Badge.  Moon Shine himself
Northern Love Northern Love.  Commssion for Balalika and Olemew.  Characters themselves 
Proposal Proposal.  Gift for TabbieWolf and Spotweld on their engagement.  Characters themselves 
Tiff Tiff.  Sketchbook commission of Taisia.  Taisia LaxyFoxStudios


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