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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from 2013


Assorted Other People's Characters
Careth Careth.  Badge from Morphicon.  Careth himself 
Duality Duality.  Kairn and Belial - evil and good.  Characters Absorbentgene
Kata'Lina Kata'Lina.  A conbadge from FurFright of Kata'Lina the snow leopard as a belly dancer.   
Lucky Chance Lucky Chance.  A conbadge from FurFright for Lucky Chance, a white wolf/border collie wench. 
MAnlantrio MAnlantrio   A conbadge from FurFright of Manny the phoenix-winged wolf.   
Moonrise Howl Moonrise Howl.  Graphite.  Character Arluza
Rachel Rachel Badge.  A con badge from FurFright for Newenglander of his squirrel scientist, Rachel.  
Reaper's Horse Reaper's Horse.  Badge from Morphicon for Rainstorm of him and his friend, Reaper.  Characters themselves
Scratch Sabertooth Scratch Sabertooth.  Badge from Morphicon.  Scratch himself 
Soron Soron.  Badge for the drink master from Morphicon.  Soron himself 
Stormhorse Stormhorse.  Badge from Morphicon.  Stormhorse himself 


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