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Anthropomorphic Gallery

Anthropomorphic art from 2014 - 2015


My Characters



Beer Wench Badge Beer Wench Badge.  A badge of ...er...someone?  2014
St. Pauli Wench Redux St. Pauli Wench Redux.  I digitally remastered" my 2002 St. Pauli Wench picture because much like George Lucas, I just can't leave things alone! 2015

Katarina  Kayleen Connell and may not be used without permission

Assorted Other People's Characters
Chakat Greymist Chakat Greymist.  A commission for Cmdr. Kitsune of Chakat Greymist partaking in some Geology.  2014
Cocoa Cocoa.  Polaroid-style conbadge done at Morpicon for Cocoa.  2014 
Corey Badge Corey Badge.  A badge from Fur the 'More of Corey the hairless fox.  2015
Discopanda Discopanda.  Art Nouveau badge done at Morphicon for Discopanda. (This has been cleaned up a lot - the background wasn't as neat as I would've liked).  2014 
Gadget Badge Gadget Badge.  A conbadge commission of Gadget from Taldes.  2015 
Gereu Gereu.  A badge from Fur the 'More for L'Hiven of Gereu (who looks a lot like a male Katarina).  2015
Jerrin Badge Jerrin Badge.  A conbadge of Jerrin from Morphicon. 2015
Kala Kala.  Conbadge from Morphicon of Kala the fire fox. 2014 
Kolfy Kolfy.  Homework commission for Higesama of Kolfy.  2015
Kora Badge Kora Badge.  A conbadge of FireBlaze's character, Kora, from Morphicon.   2015
Mouse Badge Mouse Badge.  Conbadge from Morphicon for Mouse.  2015
Mouse Ligress Mouse Ligress.  A conbadge from Fur the 'More of Mouse, the post-apocalyptic albino ligress.  2015
Pepper Badge Pepper Badge.  Homework conbadge of Pepper the Utahraptor.  2015 
Ramira Ramira.  Homework conbadge of Ramira.  2015 
Squixy Tail Squixy Tail.  Mystee Squixen loves her tail! Conbadge from Morphicon.  2014 
Stormwolf Badge A badge from Morphicon of Stormwolf.  2015
Vanguard Vanguard.  Conbadge done at Morphicon for Vanguard.  2014
Wilhiem Wilhiem.  A badge from Fur the 'More for L'Hiven of Wilhiem. 2015


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