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For those who are interested in purchasing original custom artwork.



Please read carefully.  When ordering a commission, you, the buyer, are verifying that you have read and understand these terms, and agree to abide by them.



Commission Information

Commission waiting list
My commission process
Prices and examples
Subject matter and limitations
Legal information
Payment and shipping information
Ordering information



Commission waiting list


As of 5/18/17

Commissions are on a first come, first serve basis.  The maximum number of commissions I will accept is three at a time. 


Commissions are currently: Open

Name Status Image(s)
Soron Starting -------
Open ------- -------
Open ------- -------



My commission process


I require a down payment of one half of the agreed upon price for any commission over $25 before I will do any preliminary work on your commission.  (This may be refunded if the commission is terminated by either party before work has begun.) 


After the down payment is received, I will do a preliminary sketch of your commission and scan if for your approval.  I will be willing to make up to three revisions of the image in order to fix anything that you do not like for no additional charge.  After this point, further changes will be an additional charge, so please make sure that the sketches are exactly how you want them.


Once the preliminary sketches have been approved, I will continue to work on your commission and send progress reports.


When it finished, I will send you a scan of the commission for your final approval.  (Please remember than anything other than very minor changes at this point is extra.)  After final approval, I require payment for the final half of the commission price and any shipping charges before I send your image.



Prices and examples


Convention (con) badges are 3 x 4".  All other commissions are 9 x 12", unless requested larger.  Additional fees may be applicable for larger images, since this means using more of my art supplies and more time to complete the image.


Shipping is additional.  Please see the chart under payment and shipping information.

Commission pricing graphic


* Up to three characters total

** Background is defined here as anything more complex than a simple gradation of color/shading for a backdrop.  With a simple background, there may be a piece of furniture, a shape or border as a backdrop to the character.  A complex background creates an environment with which the character interacts. 


Night scenes are automatically a complex background.  They are unavailable for pencil sketches and weighted inks.


Excessive detail (i.e. extra limbs, wings, complex patterns on characters) or extremely complex backgrounds may be an additional charge.



Subject matter and limitations


  No sexually explicit nudity, sexual acts or fetish art.  Tasteful pinups are fine.  Artistic nudity may be acceptable, depending on the circumstances.  Please ask first.


  Smoking and alcohol are fine, as long as the character isn't underage; illegal drugs are not.


  Violence: Characters holding weapons or fighting is fine (although I don't feel I draw these well).  No entrails, gore, hate crimes, or sexual violence.  This includes nothing hateful to any race, religion, sexuality, or group.


  No copyrighted characters (i.e. Disney), for legal reasons.  The character must either be yours, or you must have the express written consent of the original creator of the character.  If you want to commission original artwork using one or more of my characters, that's probably okay.  Just ask.


  No computer colored images -  I just don't feel right about not being able to send you anything except a print or an e-mail.


  Humans, non-anthropomorphic animals, and/or fantasy creatures are perfectly acceptable.


  Machinery and technology: while I will do my best, this is not my area of expertise.


  Drawing in another style: I will not attempt to replicate someone else's style (i.e. anime).


  I will not mat or frame your artwork for you.  With shipping costs, it's more cost effective for both parties involved if you have it done yourself.


 Please, no rush orders.  I finish commissions in the order that I receive them.  It may take me awhile to finish your piece.  If you need a piece done by a certain date, please let me know when you need it by.  I recommend that you order at least three months ahead of that date to allow for any backlogged art I may have and for any unforeseen circumstances.  If I'm rushed, I can't guarantee the quality of my work.



Legal Information


  I reserve the right to refuse a commission I do not wish to do for any reason, be it legal or personal.


  By submitting a commission, you fully accept that even though you may own the character concept, design and/or name, the finished artwork and all in progress versions of the artwork are copyrighted to Kayleen Connell.  You may display the finished artwork on your webpage, but may not reproduce it in any way, shape, or form without express permission from the artist.


  I reserve the right to sell commissions that aren't paid for, even though the character belongs to you.


  I reserve the right to make prints and/or other merchandise of all commissioned artwork.


  If you want to purchase the rights to reproduce the artwork or the exclusive right to the artwork, there will be an additional negotiable charge.


  Please, no returns or exchanges on artwork.  Since there are ample opportunities to make changes to the image before it is completed, if you request that a commission be redone, you will be charged for another commission.


  If the commissioner terminates a commission or disappears before the drawing is finished, I reserve the right to finish the artwork and sell it at my own discretion.


  I reserve the right to change my terms, conditions and prices as needed without notice.



Payment and shipping information


Payment in full is required before I will ship your commission. 


You have 60 days to pay for your commission after completion.  Otherwise it may be sold!


 The prices listed are in US dollars.  PayPal is preferred.  Checks or money orders are also accepted.  Cash is accepted at conventions only.


For shipping and handling in the US, add $7.50 to the total order for Priority mail.  Insurance is available for an additional $1.10.  (I am not responsible for loss or damage of items in the mail that do not have insurance!)


Outside of the US, the buyer pays actual shipping costs after the item is shipped.



Ordering information


Please be specific about what you would like and include as many details as possible (within reason - don't send me a novel!).  Also, a description of your character's personality/profession/past may be helpful.  If there is a picture of your character available for reference, please include its address or send it as an attachment.  I will also need your real name and your shipping address, which will be kept confidential.


Please provide the following information with your commission:

Skin/fur color(s)
Markings/special features (missing eye, tattoo, etc.)
Hair and eye colors
Age and build
General mood of picture


Have you read all of the information?  Are you ready to purchase a commission?  E-mail me

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