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Contact Information

Please read the guidelines for contacting me.



E-mail guidelines


Please take a look at the FAQs before you ask me something.  Your question might already be answered there, saving us both some time.  Thanks ^_^


I read what people send to me and try to reply to as many as I can.  It might take me a couple of days, so if I don't answer right away, please don't panic or get offended.  If I don't answer at all, either your message was lost or I got horrendously behind on answering my e-mail and spaced out on it.  If you don't hear back from me within a week, try e-mailing me again.


Please don't send me anything stupid like chain letters, spam, viruses, or requests for nude photos of me.  (Yes, I actually have gotten the last one O_o) 


If ordering a commission, please include the required information from that page.


Have you read and understood the above guidelines? 


E-mail me at katarina 42 at yahoo dot com.  (Yes, you actually have to type out my address and prove that you're a human and not a spambot.)


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