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Character Reference For Drawing Jody



Jody is an anthropomorphic (furry) female grey squirrel in her early twenties. She stands about 5'6".

Her fur is a medium grey color. Her hair is either reddish or dyed a purple hue. It falls to around her shoulder blades and is parted in the middle, usually with a section falling in front of part of her face.

Her voluminous tail is cream colored on the underside.  She also has a cream colored underbelly that runs from the underside of her muzzle down to her thighs.  The tips of her ears are black.  Her eyes are a pale green.


She has several piercings - three hoops on the outer side of each ear, three silver studs on the inner side of each ear, and an amethyst in her navel.  Jody's typical adornments include a black or purple tank or tube top, and black or blue high cut shorts.  She usually wears a hemp necklace with purple or green beads on it.  She sometimes is found wearing a dress, but you can usually be sure that whatever she wears is at least marginally trashy.


More information on her character can be found here.


A reference pic of her can be found here. 



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