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Character Reference For Drawing Katarina



Katarina is an anthropomorphic (furry) female red fox in her mid-twenties. She stands about 5'4" and has somewhat chubby legs.


Her fur is a light shade of orange. Her hair is a reddish shade of brown. It is about waist length, and parted in the middle with a section falling in front of each ear.


She has a cream colored tail tip, as well as a cream colored underbelly that runs from the underside of her muzzle down to her thighs. Her ears are a very dark brown, as are her "gloves" and "socks" on her arms and legs. The "gloves" go to about the middle of her lower arm; her "socks" go to about mid-calf. She has light colored patches around her eyes that are a beige color. Her eyes are a pale blue.


Her typical adornments are a pair of silver hoop earrings, a green or black tank top, black or khaki pants, and knee-high black leather boots.  She sometimes wears a light blue sleeveless dress, or other outfits, such as her "Beer Wench" outfit.


More information on her character can be found here.

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