Maxine's Cathouse

About Maxine
Appearance:  Maxine is a brown tabby with green eyes.  Her fur is of a medium length.

Age:  We think that she is around twelve years old.  We adopted her in August of 2002.

Gender:  Female (spayed)

Nicknames:  Sweetie, Baby, Kitty, Katze, Fuzzy Butt, Spotty Belly, Vicious Predator, Ferocious Jungle Cat, Your Highness, Whiny Girl, Flopsy, Maxx0rz, Cuddle Kitty, Cute and Fluffy, Crazy Cat, Stupid Cat (by my husband only)

Personality:  Generally, Maxine is a friendly, quiet cat.  She's not afraid to speak up when she needs more food or wants something.  She enjoys playing, cuddling, and being lavished with attention.

Favorite pastimes:  Napping; eating; grooming herself; sitting on the windowsill, staring at the outside; attacking helpless boot laces; stealing vacated chairs; rolling around in the dirt; exploring inviting nooks and crannies; erratically running around the apartment, then jumping into the bathtub; demanding to have her tummy rubbed; begging to go outside; chewing on innocent houseplants



AdorableKitty.jpg An adorable pic of Maxine sleeping by my doll.
AnnoyedCat.jpg Maxine says, "Stop taking pictures of me!"
Bedraggled.jpg Maxine, after a bath.  Poor kitty!
Bedraggled2.jpg Another pic of Maxine after her bath. 
Bootlaces1.jpg Maxine attacking my husband's bootlaces.
Bootlaces2.jpg More bootlace attacks.
Bootlaces3.jpg Maxine tugging on the bootlaces.
CatandFish.jpg Maxine lounging by the aquarium.  (The fish have their own site, too!)
CatBasket.jpg Maxine in the laundry basket.
CatChair.jpg Maxine in the computer chair again.
CatDoll.jpg Maxine seems to like cuddling up by my old doll.
Catfood.jpg Maxine doing one of her favorite things: eating!
CatTub.jpg Maxine, caught sitting in the bathtub for no reason.
ComputerCase1.jpg Maxine has taken to sleeping in my husband's computer case.
ComputerCase2.jpg Another shot of Maxine in the computer case.
Cuteness.jpg A blurry digital pic of me and Maxine.
DemonCat.jpg Maxine's eyes glow with the very fires of Hell itself!
ExtremeClose-Up.jpg Extreme kitty close-up!
HaveYouSeenMyCat.jpg Maxine sitting in front of the patio door.
KittyEatsTree.jpg Maxine, attempting to eat the plastic Christmas tree.
KittyPr0n.jpg Don't look!  It's kitty pr0n!  Well, not really ;)
KittyRibbon.jpg Maxine and some ribbon.
KittyWindow.jpg Maxine doing another one of her favorite things: staring out the window.
LettingtheCatOutoftheBag.jpg Maxine shows us her better end.
MaxineandWench.jpg I took this pic with one hand while trying to restrain the squirming cat with the other.
MaxineBed.jpg Maxine wasted no time making herself comfortable on our new bed!
MaxineChair.jpg A blurry digital pic of Maxine in "her" chair.
MaxineWebcam.jpg A closeup of Maxine from my "kitty cam".
MaxineWindow.jpg Maxine shows us how she moves the blinds so she can get into her window.
MaxineWindow2.jpg I wonder where Maxine could be hiding?
MeandMaxine2.jpg A very cute pic of Maxine and myself. 
NobleCat.jpg Maxine looking dignified...for once!
PottyCat.jpg Maxine chooses an amusing place to lay down.
PussNBoots.jpg Maxine and a pair of my husband's boots that she enjoys mauling.
SleepyKitty.jpg Maxine sleeping in one of her favorite spots: my husband's computer chair.
Tangled.jpg Maxine tangled up in a bootlace.
ThatIsMyCat.jpg Maxine staring out at the patio.
Tummy.jpg Maxine asking for a tummy rub.


All images and photos © Kayleen Connell unless noted otherwise.  Please do not alter, distribute, or steal.
Background by Tracy Bailey.  Used with permission.
*Yes, I know what cathouse really means.  Allow me a tasteless pun here, okay?

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