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Don Karnage
Kit Cloudkicker
Rebecca Cunningham
Miscellaneous Characters



Baloo character guide Model sheet #1.  Character guide.
Baloo mouth shapes Model sheet #2.  Baloo mouth shapes.

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Don Karnage

Karnage #1 Model Sheet #1.  Karnage poses with a sword.
Karnage #2 Model Sheet #2.  Karnage head construction.
Karnage #3 Model Sheet #3.  Karnage's hands.
No pants! Model Sheet #4.  Old preproduction model sheet of the captain...without pants.
*With* pants! Model Sheet #5.  Same thing as above but *with* pants this time.
Dashing DK Model Sheet #6.  Karnage posing dashingly with his sword and pacing.
Happily surprised Model Sheet #7.  Karnage looking happily surprised.
Character rotation sheet Model Sheet #8.  Character rotation sheet.
Assorted rough sketches Model Sheet #9.  Assorted rough sketches.
More assorted rough sketches Model Sheet #10.   More assorted rough sketches.
Character construction sheet Model Sheet #11.  Character construction sheet.

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Kit Cloudkicker

Kit #1 Model Sheet #1.  Drawing Kit in three steps.
Kit #2 Model Sheet #2.  Details on Kit.
Kit #3 Model Sheet #3.  Kit's hands and feet.
Kit #4 Model Sheet #4.  Kit's nose and muzzle.

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Rebecca Cunningham

Rebecca #1 Model Sheet #1.  Rebecca's mouth shapes in profile.
Rebecca #2 Model Sheet #2.  Facial expressions from a three quarters view.
Rebecca #3 Model Sheet #3.  Angry facial studies.
Rebecca #4 Model Sheet #4.  Different costumes and full body construction.
Rebecca #5 Model Sheet #5.  Details on Rebecca.
Rebecca #6 Model Sheet #6.  Rebecca yelling.
Rebecca #7 Model Sheet #7.  Rebecca squinching up her eyes.
Rebecca #8 Model Sheet #8.  Rebecca in her bathrobe.
Rebecca #9 Model Sheet #9.  Rebecca in her native outfit from "A Star is Torn".
Rebecca #10 Model Sheet #10.  Rebecca in her safari outfit.

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Miscellaneous Characters

Assorted characters Scans from the TaleSpin Style Guide.
Buffy Buffy Vanderschmeer.  Facial expressions and rotation.
Kitten Kitten Kaboodle.  Model sheet.
Minor female characters Minor Female Characters.  Myra Foxworthy, Lotta Lamour, Katie Dodd, Clementine, Muffy Vanderschmeer.
Muffy Muffy Vanderschmeer.  Character rotation sheet.
Pirate disguises Pirate Disguises.  Baloo, Rebecca, and Kit in their pirate disguises from Plunder and Lightning.
Promotional pictures Promotional shots, probably from the style guide.
Shere Khan Shere Khan.  Khan in his office.
Size comparison chart Size comparison chart.  Louie, Wildcat, Baloo, Kit, Molly and Rebecca.
Size comparison chart #2 Size comparison chart #2.  Same as above, but in black and white with Don Karnage and Shere Khan.

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