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May 18, 2017:  Yes, I have been horribly lazy about updating this site.  Going forward, I will mostly be using this site to post my convention schedule and update my Commission waiting list.  It has gotten far too cumbersome to upload and make thumbnails for every piece of art.  For new art, please follow me on my most frequently updated galleries:  DeviantArt and FurAffinity.


 December 17, 2015:  Between moving cross country, the death of my beloved cat, Maxine, having pneumonia, and some other personal problems, I have gotten woefully behind on updating this site >_<


There are several "new" pics up in the Gallery and one in the WoW gallery.  I have also cut a lot of the dead pages from the site.


Thanks for everyone who visited me a Morphicon and Fur the 'More this year!


June 3, 2014:  Thanks for everyone who stopped by at FurFright and Morphicon this year :)


So, my computer wasn't working right for awhile and things kind of... backed up.  There's a TON of new art up in the  Gallery, the  2013 Gallery and the Sketchbook.


Also, I'll be moving again in August.  This is going to change around my convention schedule.  I plan on attending Fur The 'More next year, but I'm unsure yet as to what else.


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