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Artistic Evolution

Brave and/or bored enough to want to look at my evolution as an artist?  Don't say I didn't warn you.


The original pic of Kat Here's the first pic that I ever drew of Katarina, sometime in 1998.  Note the cat-like muzzle, the sketchy line quality, and bad coloring job.
Kat looking dangerous "Katarina looking dangerous."  Another pic from 1998.  I had almost perfected my coloring technique at this point, but I still couldn't draw a muzzle if my life depended on it.
Kat in a dress worn by Madonna "Katarina in a gown originally worn by Madonna."  Late 1998.  This pic was done right before I changed my style.  I had perfected my coloring technique, but I still didn't have a wide assortment of colored pencils.  Unfortunately, I was still working on cheap paper, so this scanned really bumpy where I did a lot of coloring.
Sisters "Sisters."  Early 1999.  This is one of the first pics I did in my "new" style.  I elongated Katarina's muzzle, making it much more vulpine.  I got more Prismacolors, so I could choose a better color of orange for her fur.
Lillian "Lillian."  Sometime in 1999.  This was the first pic where I actually got a decent looking nose instead of a triangular "chocolate chip".
Katarina as Queen Amidala "Amidala."  Note that the ears actually look decent!  Sometime in 1999 I started computer coloring my art.  Older attempts make me wince.  Improving my computer coloring is something that I still constantly struggle with.
Katanic "Katanic."   A good representation of my art from the 2000-2001 era.  Not too different overall from 1999, but a bit more polished.  A little more experimentation with perspective and poses.
Superpukeykyoot Lillian! "Kyoot Lillian."  2001.  One of the first computer colored pics where I tried to achieve the texture of my hand colored images.  As for style...this is a representative of my rarely used "superkyoot" style.
Fernblossom "Fernblossom, dancing."  In 2001, I discovered the beast they call "oekaki".  One of my better attempts from that year.  Creating a successful drawing from a web applet is a lot harder than one would think.
Beer Wench "Beer Wench."  Late 2001.  Another slight deviation in style here.  It was suggested to me to try to make the muzzles less boxy, so this was my first attempt at doing so.  Also, the highlight on the nose was moved from the entire upper half of the nose to just the tip.
St. Pauli Wench "St. Pauli Wench." 2002.  Composition and background became more important to my work around this time.  This was my first successful attempt at a minimal shaped background with more than a gradation of color.  This was also the first pic where I realized that laying down a little marker before the colored pencils might improve the look of the finished product and make it go a little quicker.
Digon "Digon."  2002.  This was the first pic that I colored entirely in Photoshop.  I colored under the sketch on layers instead of just flood-filling everything.  The result was a much smoother, more pleasant image.
Wolf Paladin "Wolf Paladin."  2003.  My first night scene.  Night scenes aren't as easy as they look.  It requires a *lot* of thought about lighting and how to keep things from getting too dark.
Laced "Laced."  2004.  My first experiment with using colored inks to ink the detail and texture lines, instead of my typical all black inks.  The colors turned out much more vivid than usual.

Kat Conbadge, #2

"Kat Badge."  2005.  This was my first attempt at using pen and markers without adding colored pencils.
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