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TaleSpin Artwork


K&K Kristmas A Kit and Karnage Christmas.  Also a colorized and enriched version by Ted Heinz.  2000
A tender moment A tender moment between Scarlet and her beloved Don Karnage.  Scarlet © Katie Sullivan   1999
An older Kit An older Kit, as envisioned by Ted Heinz.  1999
B and B Becky and Baloo.  A romantic moment from a Shakespearean fanfic, Much Ado About Baloo.  1999
Bride of Baloo-enstein Bride of Baloo-enstein.  2000
Don Karnage in drag Don Karnage in Drag.  (Before you call me sick, remember, Disney put him in drag before me.)  1999
K&K Forever Don Karnage and Kit Cloudkicker, as requested by Ted.  1999
Don Karnage, posing ominously Don Karnage ominously holding a sword.  2000
DK under the mistletoe Don Karnage under the mistletoe.  2001
K&K Christmas hug K&K Christmas hug. 2002
Khan-N-Furter Khan-N-Furter.  Parody art of Khan as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  2000
Molly Brady Molly as Cindy Brady.  1999
My Fair Rebecca Rebecca in Shakespearean garb.  2000
Scarlet and DK on the beach Scarlet and Don Karnage on the beach.  An illustration for A Few Kumquats Short.  Scarlet © Katie Sullivan   2000
The *other* K&K The other K&K.  Scarlet © Katie Sullivan   2000

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