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Usage and Copyright FAQ


Usage and Copyright Questions


What is copyright?
Why do artists get so angry when it comes to copyright?
What are your copyright and usage policies?
Can I copy or trace your artwork to help me learn?
Can I draw a picture of one of your characters?
Can I use your art on my website and/or make it into an icon/profile picture/etc.?
What is bandwidth theft/hotlinking?


What  is copyright?


Copyright is a law that protects artists and other creators from the theft of their creations.  This theft is called copyright infringement.  What exactly constitutes copyright infringement?  To quote directly from www.rightsforartists.com/ :


"INFRINGEMENT- The unlawful use, redistribution and/or exploitation of intellectual property that is protected by copyright, patent or trademark.


"The four basic elements that can establish copyright infringement: 

    All of the work is exactly copied or reproduced

    Part of the work is copied or reproduced

    Reworking (or paraphrasing)

    Copying the TOTAL concept, feel or essence of a work "


Infringement can be punished by law including but not limited to recovery of monetary losses, punitive damages and/or misdemeanor or criminal prosecution."


Common examples of copyright infringement include:

    Reposting artwork without the consent of the original artist

    Claiming another person's artwork as your own

    Using characters that belong to others without permission or credit

    Altering (i.e. coloring Katarina pink or putting another head on her body) 


Once an image is created, it becomes the intellectual property of the creator, regardless of it having a copyright symbol.  None of my artwork or writing is "public domain," and it should not be used, distributed, reproduced, or altered without my permission, except in the case of personal usage.  It doesn't matter if you're making any money off of it or not - it's still violating someone else's rights.


In other words, look, but please don't touch.


For more on copyright, please see this site.



Why do artists get so angry when it comes to copyright?


There are some individuals who claim that copying is the highest form of flattery.  This is not true.  Most artists won't be flattered if you copy from them.  Artists put a lot of time and effort (and sometimes a lot of money) into their creations; having someone rip off their hard work makes them very angry. Saying that you should be honored when someone steals your art is like saying you should be happy that someone stole your car because that means that someone out there really likes it.


As for the naysayers that claim you shouldn't put your artwork on the internet if you don't want to have it stolen, I say this - would you scoff at someone who had just had their new car stolen and tell them that they shouldn't have taken it out of their garage?  Blaming the artist instead of the thief is asinine.  Besides, the internet would be a very boring place if no one braved the risk of theft to display their art and writing.  Can you imagine an internet with no text or images?  It wouldn't be very entertaining.


Some people violate copyright on purpose for their own profit whereas others honestly just don't know that what they are doing is wrong.  Please be aware that copyright infringement is wrong.  Copyright infringement is not only disrespectful towards the hard-working artist; it is also illegal and prosecutable in almost every country in the world.  This practice is very dangerous, and it can lead to the perpetrator being taken to court and being sued.  Even if no legal action comes from it, it can still damage your reputation.  Obviously, it's to your own advantage not to do this.  Please discourage others from copyright infringement. 


Unless it specifically says that it is royalty free clipart or photography, art that is up on the internet is not free and up for grabs.  It has a creator.  Please keep this, and that creator's feelings and legal rights, in mind.



What are your copyright and usage policies?


What you *are* allowed to do with my artwork:

    Download my artwork for you personal enjoyment or offline reference

    Use my artwork as your desktop wallpaper

    Print out a copy of my artwork for your own personal enjoyment (not for resale)

    Use my artwork on your site, or as an icon/profile picture, provided that you follow the guidelines here.


What you are *not* allowed to do with my artwork:

    Resell or use my artwork as "clipart" or as a part of a "collection" 

    Make your own prints or merchandise of my artwork for resale

    Make your own site using my artwork without permission

    Copy my artwork, either by tracing or "by eye", without credit

    Claim my artwork as your own work

    Alter my artwork and repost it as your own work

    Repost my artwork with the signature and/or any copyright information on the image removed

    Use images hosted on this site elsewhere online without permission

    Hotlink to any image on this site


If you see anyone using my work in any of these ways without obvious consent, please let me know.


If you wish to use my art on your website, please see this section.



Can I copy or trace your artwork to help me learn?


Please don't.  I obviously can't stop you, but copying won't help you learn.  Copying can be a good exercise and isn't necessarily a bad thing to do; however, iff ALL you do is straight copying, it won't help you grow artistically.  Until you understand what you're creating and attempting to improve upon it and make it your own, it remains just that - copying.  Besides, there are plenty of errors in my artwork that you'll just reproduce if you copy.


If you insist on copying my art to help you learn, please don't post it online unless you mention that I drew the original.  If you draw something based on one of my images, please give me credit for the original idea.  It doesn't take that much effort to type, "Inspired by art by Kayleen Connell" or something similar.  It's just plain rude to do otherwise.  As for flat out taking my art and claiming it as your own or altering it and claiming it as your own - that's just lame and you only wind up hurting your own reputation.



Can I draw a picture of one of your characters?


Sure!  I love to see what my characters look like in other people's styles!  All I ask is that you please don't draw my characters in anything higher than a PG-13 context.  If you do draw any of my characters, please make sure that if you post the image somewhere you mention that the character belongs to me.  Also, I'd appreciate it if you send me a copy of it so I can see it ^_^



Can I use your art on my website and/or make it into an icon/profile picture/etc.?


If you're not making any money off of it, it's okay as long as you follow these guidelines:

  Please make sure that you credit me (i.e. "artwork Kayleen Connell") somewhere near the picture or in the tags/keywords/etc.

  You can resize the image, but please keep the signature and/or any copyright information on the image intact.

  If using my art as an icon, please don't alter the image aside from cropping/resizing.

  I would prefer it if you would link back to my site if you're going to use my artwork, but I'm not going to insist.

  You must upload the image to your own website. Don't just link to the original location on my site.



What's bandwidth theft/hotlinking?


Bandwidth theft is the term for the practice of taking an image from someone else's website and putting it up on your own site by linking to the image on the original person's website instead of uploading it to your own server.  It is also known as hotlinking.  What's wrong with this, you may ask?  Well, not only is it just plain rude, but every time that an image loads on your site, it slows down the original person's site.  If this happens enough, the original person's website can shut down from overuse of the server or the person may have to pay extra money for the bandwidth use.  In short, please upload art to your *own* server or to Photobucket, etc.


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