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WoW Fanart

Fanart for World of Warcraft


I <3 Bob Aravina.  My dwarf hunter and her faithful pet, Bob.  2007
Cute and evil! Bronwen.  Bronwen, my Gnome warlock on Stormrage.  2005
Celadon Toadstool Celadon.  Also, an alternate version.  2006
Darenda Darenda headshot.  My troll hunter on Shadow Council.  2006
Contemplative Darenda Darenda, my troll hunter, looking contemplative. "Hmm, where *did* I leave that severed head?"  2006
Holiday Troll Holiday Troll.  Christmas card sketch.  2006
Warrmachine Warrmachine.  Con badge for my hubby of his Undead Rogue in Tier 2 Bloodfang armor.  2009
Warrmachine Warrmachine. A new conbadge for my hubby of his undead rogue.  2015
WoW Gals WoW Gals.  Headshots of some of my WoW characters.  Character design Blizzard Entertainment  2008

Character design Blizzard entertainment

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