Katarina's Page O' Wenches and Stuff Sketchbook




Angel Jaguar 13 Angel Jaguar 13.  Christmas card sketch for Xian Jaguar.  Xian Jaguar herself.  2013
Animal heads Animal heads.  Some random studies of bunnies and squirrels.  1998.
Antelope Antelope.  Sketch of kob antelope from MFM '11.  2011.
Arianna Arianna. Christmas card sketch for DisneyPsycho on DA.  Arianna. Amanda Rohrssen.  2013 
Art history doodles Art history doodles.  Llamas and pirates and Elvis.  Oh my!  1999.
Axel Wolf Axel Wolf.  Inked sketch from AC.  Character his creator.  2009
Beach Chinchilla Beach Chinchilla.  Sketchbook commission from MFM '11 for Gary Akins.  2011. 
Blue Clown Shoes Blue Clown Shoes.  If I paint this on velvet, I'll make millions!  2006.
Buddies Buddies.  A sketch of LionkingCMSL and Altaica from AC '10 for Don M.  2010. 
BunnyHugger BunnyHugger.  BunnyHugger and her mate, Austin the coati.  Characters themselves.  2013. 
Bunny! Bunny sketch.  A bunny head from a Christmas card.  2002.
Teh bunny! Bunny sketch #2.  Another bunny head.  2003.
Christmas Bunny Bunny sketch #3.   My traditional holiday rabbit.  2004.
Bunny Bunny sketch #4.  Yet another holiday rabbit for Auryanne.  2005.
Charisse Charisse. Red panda/tabby cat gal. Character Seth Triggs.  2012.
Belle sketch Christmas card sketch of Belle from Catena.  Belle Tracy Bailey.  2009. 
Confused Beagle Confused Beagle.  Sketch commission from MFM '11.  2011. 
DarkwingPsycho DarkwingPsycho.  Christmas card sketch.  DWP Amanda Rohrssen.  2005.
Deer studies Deer studies.  1999.
Depressed Giraffe Depressed Giraffe.  Artwork for a friend at work for his band.  2013 
Eggnog Eggnog.  Christmas card sketch of Mystee enjoying some eggnog.  Mystee herself.  2013 
Embracing figures Embracing figures.  Sketch based on some bridal ad.  2001.
Farfalla Farfalla.  Christmas card sketch.  Character Jessica Sanders.  2008.
Femme rat Femme rat.  Sketches of a female rat from three different angles.  2002.
Holy XianJaguar Holy Xian Jaguar.  Christmas card sketch.  Xian Jaguar herself.  2007.
How the Bear Stole Christmas How the Bear Stole Christmas.  Catena themed Christmas card sketch.  Characters Tracy Bailey.  2006.
I Heart Twitchy! I heart Twitchy!  Me hugging the alien villain of Heritage in the Stars.  Xeebec (a.k.a. "Twitchy") © Katie Sullivan.  2003.
Ivy Ivy.  Christmas card sketch of Ivy from Catena for Tracy Bailey. Ivy Tracy Bailey.  2013
If I'm an elf, can I get some action with Legolas? Kat the Elf.  Sketch from a Christmas card.  2003.
Let It Snow! Let It Snow!  Christmas card sketch.  HollyAnn Lisa Cotton.  2007.
Mirror Eyes for DC Mirror Eyes.  Sketch of the serval gal done in a Christmas card.  Mirror Eyes © Tiina Purin.  2003.
Niko and Greylock Niko and Greylock.  Christmas sketch.  Characters themselves  2010 
Ode to Spam Ode to Spam.  A page of my German journal, dedicated to Spam.  (Yes, I'm weird.)  1995.
Party llama Party Llama.  2001.
PMoss PMoss.  Sketchbook trade from MFM '11.  2011. 
Pony dreams Pony dreams.  Me, wishing for a pony.  2004.
Ratty sketch Rat sketch.  Rat sketch from a Christmas card.  2002.
Robert Otter Robert Otter.  Sketchbook commission for Sergeant.  2012. 
Saghiir Saghiir cosplaying as a pirate. (Boots colored in Photoshop for better image balance.) Character himself  2012 
Sasha Sasha.  Christmas card sketch for Tracy Bailey.  2012
Self-portrait sketch, three-quarter view Self-portrait sketch, three-quarter view.  This was the basis for a print.  1999.
Self-portrait sketch, frontal view Self-portrait sketch, frontal view.  1999.
Self-portrait sketch, three-quarter view Self-portrait sketch, three-quarter view.  1999.
Self-portrait sketch, profile Self-portrait sketch, profile.  1999.
Serene Angel Serene Angel.  Christmas card drawing for Xian Jaguar.  2012 
Sheep in a Kilt! Sheep in a Kilt.  A co-worker made me draw this.  He's baaad.  2006.
Spam sketch Spam sketch.  Old drawing from high school, done for psychology class.  1995.
Tagebuch sketches Tagebuch sketches.  Collage of miscellaneous cartoon self-portraits from my German notebook in high school.  1995.
Tagebuch sketches, part 2 Tagebuch sketches, part 2.  Another collage of random doodles from the above said notebook.  1995.
Zombie Kat Zombie Kat.  BRAINS!  2006.
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